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Reliable brush cutters for sale

If you are looking for a brush cutter at an affordable price, contact the experts at Mansfield Garden Machinery. 

You'll find great deals on branded brush cutters

Visit our showroom and discover the fantastic deals we have on leading brands of brush cutters, petrol lawnmowers, garden tractors and chainsaws. We sell brush cutters from the leading brands. They can help you cut overgrown grass, weeds, brambles and undergrowth in rough terrain. Contact us for assistance on a specific requirement.

Fuel safety advice

You need to follow certain fuel safety guidelines while using your brush cutter. You should never refuel the brush cutter when the engine is hot or running. Do not smoke or allow any naked flames in the area while refuelling. 

We also advise that you mop up any fuel spillage and change your clothes if you spill fuel over yourself. We advice all our customers to take these precautions and be safe while using the brush cutter.

Easy to use brush cutters

The brush cutters we sell come with a choice of heads for effective cutting of grass and undergrowth. Our petrol strimmers reach the most inaccessible areas and offer excellent grass cutting.

Also include is an adjustable shoulder harness. The harness makes it easy for you to carry your brush cutter. We serve customers in Mansfield and in several places such as Newark, Retford, Worksop, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Chesterfield and Nottingham.
If you need a top-quality brush cutter, contact us today on 01623 645 606 
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